Architectural glazing: a new vision.

It’s time to change how we think about glass. Glass is not fragile, and it’s not just for decoration. Glass is tough. It’s a material for building. Think of the most impressive structures in the world – London’s Shard, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa – buildings stretching far into the sky and withstanding all the elements.

By mixing architectural glazing with other traditional materials, the possibilities for domestic buildings are endless. Roofs, walls and floors are no longer restrictive and confining – they can be the answer to limitless space. Even if you want to transform an existing space.

All it takes is a new vision.



A home doesn’t have to end at the walls. With glass, an interior space can expand as far as the eye can see. Whether reconnecting an urban property with the outside by opening it up to the sky, or making the most of the green space in a rural setting, there is no better way to bring the outdoors in than by incorporating glass into a building.

It may be about changing perceptions: making large spaces feel cosy or small rooms feel more open, smart use of architectural glazing can make all the difference. It can also be the element that allows you to add even more space to your existing property.



Ultimately, architectural glazing opens up the home to visually stunning new possibilities.

From ultra-modern sheer facades, to intriguing combinations with traditional brickwork.

Whether you want your property to stand out from your neighbours, or blend seamlessly into its surroundings, architectural glazing could be the new vision you are looking for.



Light is vital for a happy body and mind. There is good reason that we choose to spend our holiday in sunny locations, and that our mood darkens when we are faced with gloomy winter months. But this doesn’t have to be the case.

By integrating glass into domestic structures, we can maximise our exposure to sunlight all year round, constructing happy, creative spaces where we can truly benefit from the sunlight nature has given us.



It is often thought that glass leaves spaces too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer, but this is far from the case.

With the right architectural glazing, a property can be properly insulated throughout the cold winter months, while deflecting heat at the height of summer to ensure a comfortable, environmentally friendly home.

There are so many varieties of glass on the market, realising your vision is possible now more than ever.

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